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Genii Magazine

  • The best magic magazine by far, under the excellent editorship of Richard Kaufman. The website has a brilliant forum.


Recommended Magic Stores

Misdirection's Magic Shop

  • The San Francisco magic store that started it all for us both. Run by the extremely helpful Jo Pon. If you are ever in San Francisco it is worth a visit, it is the store against which I judge all magic shops. None have come close.

JBTV (Mark Mason)

  • Excellent website with video demos of magical wares. Get your fix of the latest magical item. I have never been a big fan of packet tricks and magical novelties - but Mark & Darren are entertaining to watch. Good service for orders I have bought.

H&R Magic

  • I love magic books and this is one of the best stores. It has both new and used books.

Magic Books by Post

  • Based in Bristol in the UK, they have an excellent selection of new books - particularily some of the older titles.


  • Produce E Magic books. A lot of the classic titles. I still prefer paper, but E books to allow you to cheaply add some of the classics to your magical bookshelf.