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Top Ten Favourite Magicians

John Carney

  • Mr Carney his my current magical hero. Enough said.

Jay Sankey

  • Jay Sankey can make me laugh more than any other magician, as well as being a fantastic magician. He produces a lot of tricks for sale.

Michael Close

  • I saw Mr Close at the Houdini Lounge in Las Vegas. He performs 'head shaking magic' where you just shake your head in disbelief at what you have just seen.

Eugene Burger

  • I saw Eugene at a lecture and was invited on stage for a trick. Eugene makes you experience a whole range of emotions from laughter to sadness.

Jamy Ian Swiss

  • I have only seen Jamy Ian Swiss on clips from his web site. What makes me a real fan is his written work, which has a huge impact on my personal thoughts on magic.

Tommy Wonder

  • My only experience of Mr Wonder is through his 'Books of Wonder', again his thinking has had a big impact on me.

Lance Burton

  • I saw Lance Burton live at his thetre in Las Vegas. The start of his stage show has been called the best 10 minutes in magic - I agree.

David Blaine

  • David Blaine is the magician who rekindled my interest in magic. I have only seen his TV specials - some which I like (Vertigo) and some which I hate (the silly perspex box).

Derren Brown

  • I find almost all of Derren Browns stuff mind blowing - but not always entertaining. I recently saw him live in Glasgow which was entertaining. I could say a lot more about this - but I won't!

Mac King

  • Mac King is fantastic. His show is extremely funny and is without a doubt the best magic show I have ever seen. If you get the chance take it. It has been consistently voted the best afternoon show in Las Vegas.



John Kelly Photo Project

  • John Kelly and I are working together to produce a new set of photographs for his website.