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We had a wonderful paddling Holiday in Sutherland in North West Scotland in July 2006



Canoe Photographs

Our new hobby this year is paddling Open Canadian Canoe. The photos show Susan, Stuart and their friend John plus canoes.



Roger and Fiona Pre-Wedding Album

A 'This is Your Life' type album for our friends Roger and Fiona.  



Saas Fe

We spent a wonderful week in Saas Fe, Switzerland in January 2005. This was a family trip, which meant the activities of sking, snowshoing, snowboarding and walking were followed by wonderful meals.




We have just adopted a dog from the SSPCA. We wanted a short name with a slight magical link. Bess was the name of Houdinis wife.



Algarve 2004

In September 2004 we spent two weeks in the Algarve. The Algarve was a very pleasant surprise - it is a very beautiful area. The rock around the coastline seems to glow in the sunlight. We stayed in an Astronomy bed and breakfast (COAA) where we took several astro images.



USA 2003

We had an excellent holiday in October 2003 when we went to the USA. We started in Princeton and New York with our friends Sophie & Vincent. Then we went to California where we met many of our friends whom we knew when we lived there. Then we went to Seattle where we stayed with our friends Hary & Jessica.



Dolomites 2004

 This is our most recent holiday, where we travelled to Italy with my brother and sister-in-law, Iain and Claire. This was our first time in the Dolomites - and they were superb. My only advice is don't go on the holiday rep guided walks! Get a proper guide.



Venice 2004

We had a day and a half in Venice as part of our Dolomites trip. It is a fascinating city.



Via Ferrata 2004

This was our first experience of Via Ferrata. We took a Val Gardena mountain guide called Wolfi. He couldn't speak English so Susan communicated in German. The rest of us used the art of sign language. We went with Nick from our Chalet, which was good fun. For people that know these things we think the route was rated D.